Customer Service

Have you ever dealt with a retailer, restaurant, or service provider and wanted to say:

  • "Did you forget I'm a paying customer?"

  • "I guess they can't be bothered to help me."

  • "I just want you to do your job."

  • "I'll never shop here again."


If so, then ​you're the right customer for ABM Cleaning Services! We're dedicated to making sure you're never disappointed. We know you're a paying customer, and we know that you deserve our respect and gratitude for being our customer.


After we've cleaned your home, if you notice an oversight or an item that was not cleaned to your expectations, simply call us, and we'll send one of our staff to fix it immediately. There will be no questions asked, there will be no additional charge, you will receive a sincere apology, and the error will never happen again. That is our level of dedication to you.


ABM Cleaning Services will also seek your feedback on a regular basis. Your complete satisfaction is our top priority.


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